About WRHS Band

WRHS Band Philosophy

The members of the WRHS Bands have made a tradition of their commitment to excellence. The past years of commitment, established by alumni and current performers, challenge each of its members to take pride in past accomplishments and make a personal commitment to the band’s future success. To meet this responsibility of maintaining our quality reputation, we must continually reaffirm our artistic, educational, and recreational goals.
Our Artistic Goals are to achieve maximum musical impact upon our audiences and ourselves through the performance of the finest literature available in each band medium with musical integrity and the highest musical standards.
Our Educational Goals are to increase student musicianship through technical development, and to help develop outstanding leaders with a sense of loyalty, pride, and commitment to the band, the school, and themselves.
Our Recreational Goals are to provide a wholesome opportunity for members to have a worthwhile use of time in a quality educational/social environment. This is also a chance to form relationships that will last a lifetime.
As a member of the WRHS Band program, you represent our community, our school, its many friends and alumni, and your family. This is your opportunity to share in the outstanding traditions of the Warner Robins High School Bands.

You will be the personification of: PRIDE, DIGNITY & CLASS